Series: In Peril in China

These are Historical Adventure stories set in China at the end of the 19th Century. The main characters -- Marine Lt. Hezekiah Sauer, the Baronet Sir Michael Beauclerk de Bartham, and Red Lantern witch Li Chʻou Tzu -- were introduced in my novel, American Guns, Chinese Magic, which details how these three first met. The following short stories also feature the same characters in further adventures of theirs.

Colp: Treasure   (Published in Australia)
Death in the Drowned Lands

Colp: Treasure

Death in the Drowned Lands

Historical Mysteries II

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"Death is a Matter of Faith"
"The Case of the Missing River Map"
"A Death in Dalny"
Non-fiction article
Short Story Collection (published in Australia)
"The Treasure Bowl of Shen Wan San"

As Tientsin falls to the Allied forces, Red Lantern witch Li Ch'ou Tzu insists on entering the city -- heedless of the ongoing battle -- in order to secure a sacred magic item: the treasure bowl of Shen Wan San. When Sauer refuses, she takes off on her own, forcing him to chase after her into a city under attack.

This is a non-fiction article dealing with one of the most troublesome things I encountered while writing my In Peril in China stories: finding a detailed map of the Hai river from Tientsin to the sea. Given that foreigners had been sailing up it for 40 years before my story starts, you would think that there would be a detailed pre-1900 map somewhere ... and you would be mistaken.

Former Red Lantern witch Li Ch'ou Tzu has been arrested, and Sauer and de Barham are heading south to try and get her out of jail. But when they become stranded in a flooded district, Sauer must solve a murder and find the true killer before a native Christian convert is put to death for a crime she did not commit.

Li Ch'ou Tzu has been sold into slavery -- and her man, Ex-Marine Hezekiah Sauer, is tracking her down to rescue her. But when the trail leads him and the Baronet of Allington to the Russian port city of Dalny, things go from bad to worse. Can Sauer find a way out of the trap that he and Sir Michael have fallen into?

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